5 Ways to Save Money at Theme Parks This Summer


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Visiting theme parks this summer should not be too much of a drain on your pocket.

You can have fun on a limited budget.

Wise up and consider the following ways to enjoy theme parks without breaking the bank.

#1 Get Your Admission Tickets at a Discount

When you buy your tickets directly at the theme park’s gate, you have to pay top price. Get your admission tickets somewhere else.

Amusement parks usually team up with fast food chains, restaurants, or supermarkets. You can get your tickets from these outlets at lower rates. You can also check for deals online.

#2 Avoid Going to the Park on Prime Time

Most theme parks charge a steep price for entrance during peak times.

Avoid weekends and holidays. “Starlight” tickets are cheap if you do not mind going to the park at 3 in the afternoon onwards.

#3 Take Food and Water with You

Bring a water bottle with you. Canned soda and bottled juices are very expensive if you buy them inside the park.

However, you can find water fountains in most parks. Fill your water bottle for free at these fountains. If the water becomes tepid during your long walk, just empty your bottle and refill it at the next fountain.

As with the drinks, food is also incredibly costly inside the park. Pack a sandwich or put some dried fruit-and-nut mix in a plastic bag for a quick and handy snack.

Some theme parks do not allow guests to bring in food. Work around this restriction.

If you are taking your car to the park, take a food cooler with you. When the family gets hungry, you can just go back to your car, eat, and then return to the park.

#4 Watch out for Pricey Merchandise

You can be tempted by the countless souvenir items that theme parks sell. You can find collectible mugs, pins, hats, T-shirts, and other souvenir items being sold at amazingly steep prices.  If you really want a souvenir of your trip, you can buy it online at a lower price.

Use your own camera to snap souvenir pictures, as theme park photographers sell pictures at unreasonable prices.

#5 Share a Ride

You pay a high price to park your car inside the theme park. Avoid the expense by opting to take the bus or train to the stop nearest the park. Go home the same way.

As an alternative, you can arrange with family members or friends to go to the park on the same day. Carpooling by taking one van is less expensive than having to park two or three cars.